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Known ---- ozone generator

Ozone generator
Ozone generator is used to make ozone equipment. Ozone is easy to decompose Can not be stored On-site for field use (but in special cases can be stored for a short period of time), where ozone can be used ozone generator. Ozone generator in tap water, sewage, industrial oxidation, space sterilization and other fields widely used.
Ozone is the world recognized broad-spectrum high-efficiency germicidal disinfectant. Use of air or oxygen as raw materials to produce high-frequency high-pressure discharge ozone. Ozone has more active oxygen atoms than oxygen molecules. Its chemical property is very lively and it is a kind of strong oxidizer. It can quickly kill the bacteria in the air under a certain concentration. Without any toxic residues, will not form secondary pollution, known as "the cleanest oxidants and disinfectants."
High-pressure discharge ozone chemical equation 3O2 ==== 2O3
Household ozone generator
Mainly refers to the ozone generation technology, instruments used in family life collectively.
Decontamination of toxic gases such as toluene, ethanol, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and so on from the odor of cabinets, refrigerators, soot and rubbish; Deodorization of wardrobe, Socks socks commonly used ozone sterilization, can prevent the foot infection in Hong Kong, but also eliminate odor; remove tobacco and alcohol smell, decorating smelly, carpet odor; pesticide residues to remove vegetables and fruits, the ozone generator can be treated with ozone water bath.
Fruit and vegetable detoxification series
Automatic fruit and vegetable disinfection washing machine, mechanical fruit and vegetable detoxification washing machine, multi-functional detoxification machine;
Air sterilization series
Home air purifier, home air purifier, deodorizer refrigerator, car air purifier;
Family water purification products
Central ozone water processor, household oxygen machine, gynecology nursing instrument;
working principle
We usually use the ozone generator is generated by high-pressure discharge: Oxygen generator is generally the use of oxygen, the principle of physical adsorption at room temperature with air as raw material, the air nitrogen and oxygen separation, direct access to high purity Of oxygen. The operation is very simple, just turn on the power, regulate the oxygen flow, you can quickly continue to produce oxygen.
First of all, the ozone generator through the principle of electrical production of high pressure; Second, high pressure to a certain extent after the breakdown of air, the air molecules are ionized. One of the oxygen molecules is ionized to produce three oxygen atoms combined ozone molecules. Therefore, people generally call the ozone generator "negative oxygen ion generator."
The discovery and utilization of ozone has been more than 100 years. In recent years, such as FPT technology not only greatly improved the efficiency of ozone generation, reduced the cost of ozone equipment, but also enhanced the life and reliability of ozone projects. Our company combines advanced ozone technology with traditional methods of modern gas and oxygen concentration technologies to make the next generation of ozone-bearing projects and products a reality.
Ozone is unstable, it is easy for a simple oxidation reaction to lose an oxygen atom, and a reaction called the Creo mechanism occurs in which three oxygen atoms are used. In most inorganic reactions, only one molecule of ozone molecules enters the oxidation process; the other two are released as an oxygen.
Ozone can react with unsaturated organic compounds immediately. All three oxygen atoms are added to double or triple bonds. In addition, ozone can be used as a potent bactericide to destroy the molecular cell wall to inactivate bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms.
Ozone generator design points
1. The use of high dielectric constant materials for the manufacture of electrodes to improve processing accuracy.
2. Improve the cooling conditions, using water-cooled or bipolar cooling.
3. Reduce gas dew point, improve gas cleanliness.
4. Improve the driving frequency of ozone power, reduce power consumption.
5. Using intelligent control, and running conditions again line monitoring.
6. The new frequency conversion power switching circuit and high frequency inverter power supply, compared with the traditional power frequency ozone generator greatly increased efficiency.
7. Equipment pre-air purification system, the series of dust, oil lamp technology to ozone discharge chamber to provide qualified raw gas.
8. Intelligent safety protection, over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature module, cooling water shut-off light failure timely reporting, delay shutdown and other appropriate protection to ensure the ozone system safe and stable operation.
9. Adjustable operating parameters, the use of flexible, convenient and automatic discipline of operating conditions, suggesting that overhaul cycle, in favor of production management.
10. With ozone tail gas treatment device, through the role of catalyst to remove excess ozone in the commission, the exhaust emissions of ozone to achieve emissions


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